Перевод песни Mr. On – Breathe Don't Stop

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Chorus: Jungle Brothers
Don't stop
Come on Let's make it hot
Don't stop
Come on Let's make it hot
Repeat Chorus
(Verse 1)
Jump aboard if you're ready to ride
Jungle Brothers in the house and we're by your side
I know you know how we do that there
Move your body side to side, put your hands in the air (Yeah)
Catch a booty, move across the board
Cause you know this champagne can't be ignored
And you could do what you want to do Don't worry about a thing, it's just the rhythm in you
So just move it and shake it a little
And if you feel some kind of weight, just wiggle, my nizzle
Get on the party, don't stop the flow
And don't think of nothin' else until it's time to go (Yeah)
Now, baby girl, don't be so shy
Because I got the whip cream for you, cutie pie (Right)
And anything for us to save the day
Cause when we stuff in the piece, we send your troubles away
So be easy and relax yourself
And just shake your ass, because it's good for your health
Repeat Chorus Twice
(Verse 2)
The bass line pulse shaking your body
Get on the dance floor do what you want, you little hottie (Yeah)
You're freakin' out, like you wanna scream
Hold on, baby, let me put you on my team
Shake a leg and jump out your pants
Come on Let me see you do that funky brand new dance
Work it out, girl, I know you can
Cause you got the peanut butter and this is the jam (Alright)
So spread it out all over the place
Cause the rhythm of the music is right in your face
I know you're thirsty and you need a taste
Don't sweat it, baby, cause nobody's takin' your place (That's right)
You know you got it like that
Uh The way you shake your fatty like that
Uh Nobody got a body like that
Let me bring the chorus back
Repeat Chorus Twice
Because I got it like that (That...)
Because I got it like that (That...)
Show me what you got (You got...)
Move it over here
Right here
Right here (Right here...)
(Verse 3)
JB's, yo, we'll be right there
Anytime you wanna party, yo, we take it there
You know we gotta give your spirits a boost
Gotta put it down for the Deuce, Double O. Deuce
Open your mouth and say, «What's the word?»
This is the remix, not what you heard
Mr. On make the groove so nice
Make the DJ's bring it back and wanna play it all night
Repeat Chorus Twice
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
We right
Here in the place
We right
Up in your face
We givin' you the taste
We right
Stop, stop
Stop, stop
Don't, don't, stop
Don't stop (Don't stop)
Don't stop
Don't stop
Don't stop (Don't)