Перевод песни Misery Signals – Something Was Always Missing, But It Was Never You

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We"ve come too far to start this all again
I"ve come too far to let you ruin me
I"ll walk hand in hand with your ghost
Before I fall into your net again
There"s no turning back
What can be said that I haven"t already learned in silence?
There"s no turning back
What can be done that you haven"t already stained in violence?
We are beyond repair
In essence of letting go of what you try to defend
Asking questions has you tangled in knots
You can"t untie a rope without both ends
Frayed words lie with broken bones
As broken dreams reside in broken homes
A witness to my actions of love and regret
These verses, my vengeance — I hope you"re happy
It"s worth it to watch you choke on my words