Перевод песни The Beatnuts – We Don't Give a Funk

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We don’t give a funk
We don’t give a funk
We don’t give a funk
I don’t care what you do in a disco
Drink mode sniff coke, or twist Dro
We get dough right from the intro
You will know the nuts is no joke
Put the crowd sip and wake em up make em' come
Drop a beat make em fuckin' like when I take a slumb
Okay, shorty’s actin tough we don’t wanna stuff em
Talkin' to me ill talk you out on a double
Just because you waste that you wanna make threats
I’ll rob you and make you break bread, you fake dread
I’ll still your girlfriend and make her taste head
And tell you otherwise I die I blaze that
Ain’t no one fresher than me face it
And them nikes on my feet and even in the state he at
The most hated but I understand i can’t blame em'
I’m the motherfuckin' man
We don’t give a funk
You know we lightin' up in tha club like like
We don’t give a funk
Buy and at the bar gettin' drunk like like
We don’t give a funk
We keep knockin' mothafuckas out like
We don’t give a funk
Yo, yo, throw yo hands up have you heard em knuckle up
Everyone I leg on make ya buckle up
You don’t know me nigga no I don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck no I don’t give a fuck
Get my money up, gotta get my money up
If you where its sunny with your bitch nigga dummy up
You wanna get it come and get it with the fuckin' schredit
Before I leave you on the ground with the knife and banded
Like Pun said it you will be be beheaded
Niggas actin like you boss c’mon better forget it
How you gangsta if you shit on your man? c’mon
Catch my flow I’ma piss on ta hand
All jokes aside I’ma piss on ya hand
And that’s big diplomatic like Juelz and Cam
Understand man you gotta understand
That the world don’t love you when your money is jam nigga
We don’t give a funk
Yo you know they hit that girl in the head with a bottle right?
We don’t give a funk
You know how many times that nigga got shot?
We don’t give a funk
Yo, you know that nigga be rollin' mad deep right?
We don’t give a funk