Перевод песни Martha Reeves And The Vandellas – Honey Chile

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You’re shiftless and you’re lazy
Just like the hound dog, Daisy
I had when grandma raised me Honey chile, poor Granny
Got too old to scorn me Dear old auntie warned me You sure was no good for me Honey chile, but your kiss
Is sweeter than the cake
That grandma used to make
Oh them sweet little things about ya Sure enough takes the cake
You ain’t gonna amount to nothing
'Cause you ain’t gonna work for nothing
Without you, I’m good for nothing
Honey chile, honey chile
Sure 'bout to drive me wild
And I love you so Can’t let go Now honey chile oh sugar chile
I’d walk a country mile
Just to be with you
And to stay with you, now honey chile
I try to act like a lady
But you’ve been courtin' Sadie
Your reputation’s shady
Honey chile, hey you even took out Sally