Перевод песни Robbie Williams – How Peculiar

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I am all of the above babe
Johnny long strokes to the grave
Saving all the stamps and spend it on a kettle
Rub me rub me up right lovely
If you lick it, then lick it battery
Good and properly all night if you want
I haven’t got a clue what to do with you
I need for you to love me so much
Jesus what am I gonna do with this crush
Just get the old fella and wack it up against her tush
How peculiar
Bend your long legs against the sofa
In the Dorchester you can get your All Bran
I’m not into hard sports
Oh I haven’t got a clue what to do with you
Jesus all the things my head is going through
God what am I going to do with this crush
Just wack the old man out and get it up against your tush
How peculiar
Jesus what am I to do man
I am a depressed man
Not sure what I’m doing all of the day
How peculiar
I am all of the above man
I have what you want man
If you want me here I am Come and get it baby