Перевод песни Hangnail – I Aspire

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I wish I could be the one to say this life's easy
I've heard it said before
We're faced with unending new theories
Of how to survive, but what is survival for
It's hard to hold on to standing your ground
Sometimes you're the only one
Yet when I'm not feeling strong
I know I can keep on I want to be a shining light
Giving hope to those who feel hopeless
Consuming the dark of the night
I want to be a burning light
Giving charge to those who are weary
And keeping the fire alive
If I could change anything
I've done or said, we'd be here a long time
But I can change everything
About who I want to be You'll never see inside of me And you'll never know my heart
But I can tell you honestly
I'm trying and that's a start