Перевод песни The Roots – It Just Don't Stop

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Dig it, this world is filled with homicides and rape
All the crimes of hate just ain’t the size and shape
You can walk down the block and get slumped or knocked
It don’t stop, y’all, and it just don’t stop
Come with it
Dig it, I leaves the microphone intrigued with my practice
This rebel sticks to the system like a cactus, avoid sadness
Who knows what is concealed under the mattress?
Lugers, losses and grindles when my mind’s in blackness
Then I act this way, the beast unleashed
Rabbis, monks and priests always pray for peace
But it’s deceased, now only lives the true real-ness
Open up the mental depths, you’ve entered to my palace
My thoughts contain the blood sign, plus the malice
Not equatin' to your Wonderland, so fuck Alice
My style is hostile on the external
But got plenty of love and warmth that’s internal
This sin colonel surfaces from whispers from the lower
My Noah-like arks and 950 years of knowin'
Your arch rival, they burn a cross, I burn the Bible
Because I’m liable to do this, when my action’s crudest
But I’d rather choose to use my diction
Resurrect that blonde, blue-eyed
And put him through another crucifixion
Stay up in your jurisdiction (Say what?)
My depiction is the drama
Through these eyes, I’ve seen the trauma
Homicides in the source that was phenomenal
When I find out who banged Muwan in his abdominal
Met with Jesus to learn to Burns, not comical
At times, this thing ain’t logical
I gots to walk around with my brain on cock
'Cause it can’t (can't) won’t (won't) don’t (don't) stop, dig it!
My mental’s inflamed, your brains will drain
When I let the ink drip, and then pass out a pink slip
I think quick, so check my methodology
My style-agy is more antique than anthropology
Between your raw legs like it’s gynecology
You and your sorry-ass style needs an apology
Cause an earthquake and make you shake, you need neurology
These niggas kill me, actin' like stars, fuck they astrology
Imagine, with my badge, I snatch the pageant (Ha!)
Turn your city to a smash-and-grab-it
Now it’s time to burn the maggots
My message stronger than Elijah
To back-slap that ass like your father
Why bother with any kaffir?
Lyrics I sling from my mic will cease your laughter
Mind of a bachelor to a master
What I doctored leaves you flabbergasted
Ask you, «What's the matter, bastard?»
These types of rhythms, man, you’d rather blast it
You hear the beats in jeeps over the weekend
Silence is golden and niggas get killed just for speakin'
The only beacon is death when you’re left wounded
Layin' on the ground and meet your doom quick
I done been through the deserts of Hell with Satan sittin', waitin'
Contemplatin' and tryin' to get me for the takin'
That’s why I walk around with my brain on cock
'Cause it can’t (can't) won’t (won't) don’t (don't) stop
At times, I feel as if could pull a kamikaze
Illuminati rally in the Civic Center lobby
They seeds in the world student body
Probably creatin' missiles, they got my child holdin' pistols
Knowledge and understand will make a man murder
Stand further, fuck all the swine plus the hamburger
No hallucinant, the Lieutenant plus Militant
Aryan murder, that’s mental
Credentials is I am a Hell residential
With fire for the presidential
Eventually, it’s havoc in the temple
I terrorize the heavens
Bring on the renaissance with the sevens and civilize the reverence
Reprimand the deacon, keepin' him from speakin'
Tell him cease the false preachin'
I step like a shadow on the way to hot concrete
And observe my peoples in the essence every weekend
We wonder, what the fuck is schools teachin'?
Intoxicated soldiers in chaotic times reachin'
The Dynasty is sim, but we only resemble what’s grim
We attack to split your back, then we extort your specimen
I put this in your system like lecithin
Then maneuver mentally from in-ternal medicine
I hold the fort down with Malik
Symbolic to the bond of word that’s Islamic
The killer forces I deposit, dealin' with logic
I keep my brain on cock, it don’t stop!
Bad Lieutenant, M-Illitant, feel the Fifth guerilla chant
Come through, kill the riffer
Check it out