Перевод песни Soul Embraced – Seems Like Forever

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As I wait for a sign very patiently
Out of touch with the way that it used to be Constant thought of a stagnant relationship
Being to haunt me so much
Eve looking for another chance to be Like a brother with someone watching over me Always striving to revive this relationship
God I miss you so much
As I wait for you voice so impatiently
Getting farther from the way that it's supposed to be My darkest hour in the this futile relationship
God I need you so much
Live ever after in the knowledge that
I cared for you enough to save your soul
It doesn't matter if it's ever enough
Or it feels like too much
Cause it's always prefect love
You cannot measure what you don't understand
Cause you're only a man
Just an image of truth
Just remember that you have to let go And let me take control
Cause I'm watching over you
It's been awhile since you felt like a friend to me Haunted by the silence of this lonely mentality
It's been a long time since you felt like a friend to me Vision blurred by this dormant intensity
God I miss you so much