Перевод песни Kj-52 – It's Just You

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You know I’m still rocking that BeatMart hat, still calling on God till he
calls back
I used to feel like I was so worthless until I figured out my Soul Purpose
Finished the LP get me some merch, I’m letting the light shine in, no curtains
Until the day we in some matching Nikes, I’m focused on where I’m at with
Christ B
You give me strength to carry on
You give me more than enough
You give me all that I got
You, it’s just you
When it’s hard to see and it’s hard for me, and it seems that I can’t breathe
And I wanna run and I wanna scream, and I wanna leave and I wanna flee
I was stuck in the slow lane with no hope and no change
Dealing with this old pain feeling like I’d go insane
But the whole thing made a whole change, when I came to understand
Your plan was to take now the whole blame for my old ways and
Old things it’s so plain, that I’ve just so changed since way back in old days
And ever since soul came to call now on your name, it’s just you now that’s all
that I’m gonna say
So what’s left for me to say or to speak now? What else could I relay how I
feel about
The very way that you came just for me now? You made a change that I know is
just so real
Now, and even times when I’m broken and just feel down, you’re the one and only
And I’ll say it loud like…
You are my peace, you are all I need, you’re what I seek
When I’m weak and I can’t believe that you did it all just for me
And I can’t believe that you’d died upon a tree, when it’s hard to see
And it’s hard for me, and it seems that I can’t breathe
And I wanna run and I wanna scream and I wanna leave and I wanna flee