Перевод песни Kj-52 – Rocking The Jam

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Are you ready just to get on down
Do you wanna just get on down
Come on and get on down
Everybody just get on down
Keep on rocking the jam, we're gonna keep on rocking the jam
Keep on rocking the jam, we're gonna keep on rocking the jam
(Let's just get down)
Cleezy what the deezy are ya doing
The beat got the crowd moving up in the room and
I'm assuming if the people keep grooving
The way they doing they'll blow a hole up in the roof and
Ohh, call me Five-Tweezy, no lambroghini
Just rock the beanie, any time that you seen me
But life wasn't always easy, back in the day these bullies would
Tease me and beat me, cause my hair was so greasy
But now I'm moving up just like George and Weezy
Soul Purpose you can call us S Peezy
We rock the jam like boom boom da dee dee
Party people just get on down
Party people just get on down
So anytime ya gonna see me or TC on video radio
Or just live now in 3D, there's just one thing we gonna guarantee we
Promise to rock the jam rock it completely
People trip out when they meet me and Cleezy
Point fingers whisper secretly when they see the Soul Purpose
Up in the jam but we be just 2 average guys
So just please be knowing it's all C-H-R-I-S-T
The whole reason why we get down, can't you see the whole
Purpose of the Soul Purpose, it's what we be putting down when we be
Getting down your CD