Перевод песни Stephan Eicher – Hope

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Here I’m standing at the sea shore
Watch the waves rolling in one by one
Hear them shouting, hear them roar
Like some blessed animal, like a lost soul
Here I’m bending against the wind
Who tries to rip off the coat from my skin
I reach out to old some and keep it till tonight
I’ll bring it to your house, so we can blow out the light
Hope, hope, hope keeps me alive
Yes, hope, hope, hope keeps me going
Here I’m sitting by the water
To catch some oranges, the ones you like so much
I hold my hands into salty water
And try not to breathe not to scare them away
Here I’m laying down at the beach
And see how the rest of this day is sailing west
I reach into my mouth to rip out a kiss
And throw it against the horizon, hope I won’t miss
(Merci à Werner pour cettes paroles)