Перевод песни Eazy-E – I'mma Break It Down

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My eternal jam is the juice of the radio
Takin' out profanity so they can play it though
Listen to a hell of a kick and the hi-hat
Going to the record store say ya gonna buy that
The E is connected to the A and the Z ya say Y So that's how the beats stack it up on material made of hits
Takin' my time of Eastline to make sure it fit
Push play on the instrumental thats recorded
Step on stage and I'm suddenly awarded
Some sort of trophy like a plaque
And some hell of a scream from the girls in the back
Takin' a bow 'cause I got style
Never at the bottom of the ways on the top of the pile
Yo it's Eazy on top even though I'm short
Guarenteed to help when I walk on the court
So get up make some noise for the gangsta clap
Don't attempt the laugh I'm not a pranksta
I'm serious create sounds so quit playin' around
'Cause I'ma break it down
Last time I was takin' my time with this
But other suckas were makin' a rhyme with this
I had to change the tempo or make it hyper
But they was rotten, I was gettin' riper
Ready to go, like never before
Givin' you more because I'm ready to score
Ren is my buddy you can tell I said often
Helpin' me destroy the suckas that soften
Curin' diseases, my rhyme pleases, throw it a key
Balls havin' seasons, this is a doctrine
And I'm locked in, and I made up my mind
And I think I'm gonna rock then
You got bitches chill and I'ma push ya To freeze after I'll cut ya 'cause I'ma butcher
And say ya have pricin' and then out ya go
'Cause a percentage on pork bellies are very low
Messin' with a gun but once ya get hurt
Like a said before ya get rushed to the dirt
I'm not a lawman, but I'ma raw man
But ya the dopest one I ever saw man
I keep droppin' it pound for pound
And when I'm on the mic I always throw down
To keep y'all dancin' to my funky sound
So listen up, 'cause I'ma break it down
Now look at me and not the poster
And you could see right off I got the most of The talent, experience or a trade
And compliments for the rhyme that's made
Talks over today if this one so Pick another artist and dis one
I got the ballet of the chosen vote
'Cause I don't need water to clear my throat
Comin' from the rain the show is like dancin'
Nasty like and the girls are like glancin'
Wantin' to get wit me this routine
Keepin' it sprung still stayin' mean
Can ya dis this man I don't think so Once I start writin' the way I let the ink go Comin' out with songs like hit after hit
'Cause this is legit and yours ain't shit
Makin' it sound so dope 'cause I'm a genius
But your amazed with ya happy to see this
Brother go crazy on wax
Flowin' away like if I was on a sax
Doin' a solo in the shade, I'm a spotlight
Relax and chill while your uptight
Pumpin' up the funky sounds
Yo, you should know it's kinda persist
That the E is gonna break it down