Перевод песни Grand Funk Railroad – I Want Freedom

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Don: Mel, hit that on the second intro
Mel: (muffled)
Don: Yeah, I think it sounds better to stop it quick
Mel: (muffled)
Don: Yeah
Mel: (muffled)
Don: Okay, like you did, (noise) like you did, (noise) like you did,
I’ll stop my cymbal quick, then, on the second intro
Mel: (muffled)
Don: Alright, alright
?: (muffled)
Don: The tape is rolling
?: (muffled)
Don: Here we go. This is Grand Funk Railroad and here comes the count. One, …
?: Get on with it!
Don: One, two, three, four …
(musical intro)
Don: Cut! Why did you stop that? Let all of them ring. The second intro,
the second time he goes … you know, in the song, when we go back into this
Mel: Yeah
Don: That’s what I mean. The first …
Mel: (muffled)
Don: You know, like we’re coming out of … we’re coming out of: da, dum, da;
da, dum, da; da, dum, da, dum, da, da, da, da, da … da … dratum, bap!
Stop that one
Mel: (muffled)
Don: That’s the only one
Mel: (muffled)
Don: Just that one, let the rest of them ring. Okay. Here we go again,
Grand Funk Railroad. Here we are … Buddy R. Review, right here on … on …
Want me to get on with it?
?: Get on with it!
One, two, (pause) Tape is rolling? Okay … here we go … One, two, three,
four …
Just let me take it, my mind can’t make it without …
I can’t take it, said I just can’t make it
Just let me take it, my mind can’t make it without …
I can’t take it, so you best not take it
I’ve been waitin' for such, such a long, long time
To tell you all about these feelings of mine
Something tells me there just has to be a better day
And that’s why I came here to say …
Growing up, I was free in my childhood years
And now they tell me I can wash away my tears
These tears explain the way, it’s the way that I feel
Because the freedom they give me ain’t real
I want freedom, the kind that they promised me
Just for livin' in this country
I want the freedom, the kind that makes me feel strong
But, let me tell you, something is wrong