Перевод песни Grand Funk Railroad – So You Won't Have To Die

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The way of life is tough these days, it’s hard to get along
But Jesus came and he talked to me, and that’s why I wrote this song
He told me of my brothers in a far and distant land
He said that it’s gettin' crowded on Earth, and it’s time we made some plans
Time we made some plans
He said overpopulation is the problem of today
There’s too many children on the Earth, and more on the way
If you don’t start some birth control, then you won’t last too much longer
It’s best that we let it save our souls, so we can get much stronger
Get much stronger
Ahhh …
I’m afraid of overpopulation
I don’t want to die of suffocation
The world is full of pollution
And Jesus is the solution
He said we’re gettin' near the end, and I’m as close as you are
If you take Jesus as a friend, you’re gonna' be a big star
Star that shines in the sky above, a light you cannot sever
You will be with him above, and you will shine forever
Shine forever
Ahhh …
He tries to be with me
He’s tryin to set me free
He wants to be with you
So you won’t have to die