Перевод песни Stylophonic – Way Of Life

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1, 2, yo
Now as the MP3 loads down
Recognize this sound
It’s the underground still holding you down
With wutchyalike (Give it to 'em Shock)
We didn’t come here to fight (We came here to rock)
You know we’re usually on the US tip, go beyond it
Overseas I know Stylophonic
The vibe is right (dance)
This is our way of life (rip your pants)
Our way of life
C’mon, C’mon, what up?
Wake up, it’s the fool with the voodoo
Move that rump for the Hump, do what you do
Got a full butt, find a cut, take a doo-doo
Got a little butt, yo you’re cool with the crew too
Get down, bump real steady
Last name Humphrey, first name Eddie
Mitsubishi pink, tweety bird yellow
No DUI’s in my red pantella?
Wake up, that sound sound
Take me, let’s go down town
Keep me till the sun comes round
Playboy, hot girl, let’s go down
Turntables with the lava lamp in the cellar
Get up on it, the 'phonic, the goodfellas
Pick it up, put it down right baby
Do it how you like baby, it’s the way of life baby
Rock with me, shock with G on it
Since you passed me the mic I’m a be on it
Got nothing but love for everybody
Somebody take the mic back I’m going in the party
Yo, snap to chat, it’s lonely in the home, homie
Take it downtown where they don’t know me
Yo Tony, let 'em notches out I need a? in my hand
I need a kitty for my lap
I’m ready to roam in the zone
Where the smoke’s homegrown and the skirts ain’t scared of bone
Keep the po-pos in the zone
Letting the party go on and got a kitty of his own