Перевод песни Peace Of Mind – Turn It Up

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Turn it up pump it up Get em up here we go yall
Turn it up pump it up Get em up let's roll yall
Oh snap I'm right on track, some said that I might not last
Some said what I write was wack, all right well guess who's back
Bounce rock I move the spot, we gone see if you can move or not
I know what your thinkin pops, KJ-52 doing rock?
Man he just needs to stop, you know that junk gone flop
What's he think he gone drop, don't he know that ain't hip hop
First yall call me Slim Shady, now yall just think I'm crazy
But as long as these stations play me What yall say it don't faze me Chorus
See to me what this is, it's like Run DMC in '86
Saw em on TV w/ Aerosmith, and I flipped my wig, I was just a kid
I was like now dang that junk is hot
Combining hip hop with a chunk of rock
I watched how it it just bumped the spot
And kids just flipped when that junk was dropped
But some peeps think the worst
And tear me down when they speak they words
I can't pretend like the junk don't hurt
But I'm a still bless even if ya curse
Now I ain't trying to be Fred Durst
But the one thing now it's best ya learns
Cause for me it's the first thing that's first
It's just Jesus in every verse
Alright I'm a say it here's the fact
Most of these rocker dudes they can't rap
But then again most rappers can't rock
But I can't be confined to hip hop
Now from P.O.D. to Thousand Foot Krutch
Earthsuit and Pillar yo they get mad love
If ya seem me rocking no need to bug
Just say what up give a pound and a hug
You know what's kind of strange to me Some rappers treat me like I'm a disease
But these rock dudes they always cool to me And seem more real and just come true to me But rap stars that wanna act hard
I already done straight pulled ya card
Wether or not the tracks got guitars
It's Jesus every time I spit bars now