Перевод песни The Felice Brothers – The Big Surprise

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Get the boys turn on the show
Get the cameras set to go
Go tell the host he’s on in five
It’s the day of the big surprise
Oh the waves will rise and crash
And they’ll pound your ship of glass
And the boy in the crow’s nest will cry
«It's the day of the big surprise»
See how the harbour lights do burn
See the wheel of fortune turn
It’ll turn so fast the gears will bind
On the day of the big surprise
Your jazzy band has lost its swing
Revolution’s lost its ring
When all your love has been a lie
It’s the day of the big surprise
You got his letters in your purse
It’s got me wondering which is worse
The day I fell into your eyes
Or the day of the big surprise
Grab your shovel, let’s get to it
There’s no one way of how to do it
And there will be no woes or sad goodbyes
On the day of the big surprise