Перевод песни A Weather – Screw Up Your Courage

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I can't
To explain
What went
Down, and if I did, would you
Half of All my eyes
Don't know how
To wink
Hey, my heart
It's not a race;
All the same
A good head start helps
It would scare
You shitless, unless
You're dead;
Already put down
Like a horse with a broken leg/
Scarecrow waits
For crows to scare
My friend paces
Twists his hair tips
So my hands
Will be red again
(i'm caught canary in a mine)
And oh, your legs
Will mend again
(i'll charge the gate and gleam)
Oh Be Firm, and
Ask me again
I hope someone
Will unpack this crate
Will unwrap this cape cos it's
Choking me/
I hope someone will
Pack it up Wrap me up In holy cloth
And store me in Pyramids
You could bring
Me juice, or Saltines when
I'm under
The weather, and
Over you
All our songs
In unison
(here's where you bled, and here's where i did)
Get your courage
To sick in place
(fight off the doubt that sings like silence)
Oh Be Firm, and/
Oh Just
Up, and
Ask me again