Перевод песни Grand Funk Railroad – Ups And Downs

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If you can't feel it keep on tryin',
'cause that's the way it's got to be. yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's comin'down and i ain't buyin',
It's gonna'take a long time, to catch up with me.
And when you notice your condition,
Maybe you'll want to stay with me. yeah, yeah, yeah.
Then we can find the true definition,
The answer's here, right here with me.
Row, row, row your boat ...
Row, row, row your boat ...
Row, row, row your boat ...
Repeated in rounds -- 12 measures total
I want the world to know my reason.
And, if you help me find a way, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'll bring my own and keep on pleasin'.
But, baby, this is the way i'm gonna'stay.