Перевод песни Slum Village – Insane

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Yeah, as we click and the furuistic zillionares
You know what I'm saying
Back in the day we used roll up some hoes
Never thought I'd be writing up a scroll on these halls
Now a day niggas be twistin up for the conversation
In my day niggas was twisted off the meditation
in my day niggas was living off of the plantation
Never ever catchin some niggas with a occupation
Now a dayz niggas be fiendin for the masturbation
From a bitch that got a dick with a clit-
Pulsatin/I say is what I said
That's right niggas be hatin
Just waitin to be catching a fist to the face
Waitin for a nigga to go insane, catch a case
Cause his drink was laced. now check it out.
I'm trying to finish this album while the economy's fallin
Drama be callin like it's palmin' a dime and quarter, dialin'
Behind is a war in the mind of a foreign climate
Designed for enormous giant dime proportions... riots
Outside the recordin wires fires were scorchin... hydrants
Apply to the stores where buyers are hypin and supportin the violence
The morgue is supplying, more over the line stiff brisk overly silent
Soldiers and pilots, my eyes to the ceilin
Fan's spinning by its limbs, the news is touchin like violins
Pluckin by the strings, my enviroment sufferin like me by the pen
Trying to find the next line to blend comin with nothin
I'm trying to rhyme again