Перевод песни Slum Village – La La

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So beautiful
So lovely
So beautiful
It's like that y'all yeah
You see I'm cold like the summers that
I see in my sky
Niggas came in this game
And they stole our style
Now look at these niggas
Say they so hostile
Now we move from pride in now
We more general
Now I think 'fore I speak
These words out my mouth
But the spp--that I be saying
I be blurring 'em out
So I speak with a slur
Like a drunk on a rile
Or a disturbed patient in the
Men-tal house
Cool and lounge
In the house of the slum
Where the sounds and the music
Is as best as they come
It's all good
S is the best said some
Some say we will intercede as one
This is how we do it
For you niggas who get money
Now you got it if you feel it Put your hands up in the air
Women who must get it got it Fluid and you know you flaunt it All we need is me and you
Let's make it happen
Come on Let's go It's like I stay at constant war
With these wack niggas
You think I wore a hard hat
With the strap hangin'
Gat slangin'
With my arm in the shape of a L Letting my fingers walk
I never been down to Earth
I just been deep in thought
Peeping y'all mediocre MCs
Deleting culture
I cry freedom
Like the eyes leaking
From a deceasin' soldier
You think it's over
Not by a longshot
Even if triggered
By the best sniper the mob got
Cause I rock sacrament type slang
Doper than collapsing a light vein
With a needle to your forearm
You wind up in the worst-case scenario
Challenging me The unseen son of a king
Something extreme
Superheroic boost a moon through a poem's
Landscape to make your hands wave
Like the movements of oceans
Don't make me angry
You bound to get lifted from the canvas
Equivalent to mutated talents of Professor Xavery
S is the best
Ask some
Some say we will intercede as one
Most of these niggas been so late
Sold up Get ya little high
Ya little Tanq-load over
Once you breathe
Every breath you take
The end getting closer
One life to live
And this bass is Like the clock it's
Tickin' and tockin'
It don't stop
I'm in a gray-space coaster
You can't see me Because you're blind to the simple fact of life
That one of these days you're gonna die
And miss the one and only chance
You can fly
Where niggas is claiming the fame
Try to humble yourself
And be greater than the name
This message is stuck on your brain
Live your life...