Перевод песни Slum Village – What Is This

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Mona Lisa, how long have I waited for this day
For us to take a ride in my cranberry lay
You got the scented Claiborne, the look of Mary K
And a rock on your finger like you took a married name
We stop at your favorite spot to get your Mary Jane
You been smokin' for years, funny things never change
Your all that I need, in and not in every way
Yes, you could say I felt Method Man and Mary J
«What is this» (just chill it) «Who are you» (come feel it)
«Is this su-» (-perficial, love is certain)
I got a pocket full of fitties
Drunk pissy, doing deuce-sixties, my niggas comin' wit me
I go by the name of tre' thirty, sick birdie
I can’t sleep at night dog I’m dirty
I take my mans ta the spot, when it’s hot
We things, in the car we gangsta we think we not
We doing things we can’t deny but y’all supposed to try
The same niggas that be asking us why
But girl I’m trying to get you, I love to get you
I wanna sit wit you and be laughin' wit you
I ain’t the type of people that be holding out
Now step up in this whip and let’s be rolling out
When I come correct, you know it ain’t just my words
I penatrate ya nerve and sex up ya curve
And, I know it sounds superficial, but I’m so hardcore
Hard like a rock in a creek, and If ecstasy is what you seek
Welcome to my world where the climax is all night and all day
We doing it 'til the sun lay
(come into my zone where the bliss is deep)