Перевод песни Tanya Stephens – Pull Up

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Cama cama cam
Cama cama cam on now
Everybody come on now
Cama cama cam (3x)
Woah, if you ready come on now
Ye ye yeah…
Da way oh you singin da bath now
Me knw tings a go get a little hot now
Leave me breathless like a dixie
Chick’s licking
Get da 4's and 6's
Make it rain through da speakers
Have me reggeatone banging in a beach house
Boy you ofo grab my attention
And put me booty on da bench man
But we don’t need no reason fi wild
After an ectasy season fi get one
If you feeling the urge to bump and grind just do it screw it
As the sound bang
Pull up… power
Pull up… feel it
Mean if fi real, if fi turn if fi spin man
You gone follw me to my dancehall
Pull up… power
Pull up… oh feel it
Oh you know me like it like dat
From da front, da centre, da back now
(Power pulll up)