Перевод песни Dinah Washington – Come On Home

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I'm so blue, missing you
Moaning and groaning
Sighing and crying, all night through
Tossing and turning
Yearning and burning
Awake or asleep
Lord, oh, what can I do
I wake up, my pillow's wet
I can't forget, since you I've met
Why do I stay so upset
Lord, why do I stay upset
I never knew I'd be aching
Lord, and my heart would be breaking in two
Tell me what's the matter
This silly chatter, oooo, keeps running through my head
I need your kissing
It's you I'm missing
I want you near me
To comfort and cheer me
The night gets colder
And I'm getting older
Please, come on home to me
Yeaaah, can't you stop hesitating
Don't keep me waiting, and
Please, please, come on home to me