Перевод песни Morgan Heritage – So Much To Come

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Ay! nuff more blood a go run
An' a nuff a dem nah follow Jah son!
If you think the judgement start yet
There’s so much more left to come, Whooaa
If you think you tears a run yet
So much more tears to run, Yeeah
If you think you see no blood yet
There’s so much more blood yet to run, Awww
Me feel it for the children
For the world as they know it
Will not last for long!
If you think the judgment start yet
Politicians selling corruption
But a gwarn with jus' preliminary action
These are the days known as the eve of destruction
With politricksters leading every nation
Now behold Jah mighty army
Natural disaster greater than the great Tsunami
Aww, Prophets have always say
Greater judgment yet to come, mmmmhmmm
Jus' check the yout' dem ina d street
Blood hafee run, a so dem see it
Killin' one another jus' to make ends meet
A so d system have dem weak
Sex an violence dem a preach
Prostition’s got so much sisters in the streets, aaaw
Still we have to face so much more
Compare to whats to come AIDS is just a sore (just a
Here in the ends Jah is our only friend
On judgment day, we all stand alone
Aaaaw Awwww!
In these time, mankind is living (?)
Many dreams are crumbling before eyes
Awww, i an i as Jah children
I man love off dem ting dey
For prophecy mus' a fullfill
An' a it we see a reveal, yeah