Перевод песни Cherise – He Said, She Said

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Hey, Fallon
What's up?
Did you hear what Farrah said?
No She said that she saw Tasha creepin' with my man
Is that a fact?
Damn, ain't that a shame
But Tasha's my best friend, oh no I don't understand
Girl, let me give you the exclusive and break it down to ya She saw him at the movies, at the mall buyin' her jewelry
Wait don't jump to conclusions
'Cause this might be confusion
In fact I'm still confused
So slow it down and walk me through it She said (He was creepin')
He said (They weren't creepin')
But I heard (She was cheatin')
But you said (Don't belive it)
His friends say (That it's gossip)
I believe (It's all lies)
Said she saw (With her own eyes)
Don't know what to believe
What up, dog? What's poppin'?
I got some bad news
It seems all your cheatin' and playin' caught up with you
What you mean?
Just got off the phone with your woman's best friend
She saw the car, saw you creepin' with that girl again
Oh my, wait a minute
We been down since the beginin'
Though, I was never the type to go and cheat on woman
Yeah, I know nothings ever what it seems
I'm just here to let you know what the word on the street is First stop lyin' and tell me truth, 'cause I heard...
So you believe someone saw me with another girl?
Now you tellin' me my sister gotta be a liar?
No I was with my cousin when she saw us passin' by She startin' drama 'bout us now I gotta pay the price
So what? She tellin' me she saw you with the same girl twice
These accusations — I just can't take it I don't know what to do because you cheated
Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh
Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh