Перевод песни Sammy Hagar – Never Say Die

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To fight for my freedom, I don’t need a gun or a knife.
I just need some open space to run for my life.
The ground is sinking and the walls closing in.
When I get to the bottom I get up and start all over again.
Just passin' time until the big one.
As we leave it all behind.
And move on up to a brighter future
It’s no easy climb.
But I’ll never say die…
I’ll never say die…
My mom and dad never understood.
But compared to their problems, you know, mine looked good.
They screamed, «Where's the money?"and «Where's all the love?»
And «Where's the help from the man up above?»
I never gave up my religion
As I did my teenage time.
I said, «When I’m of age, I wanna walk out smilin'
Maybe I’ll cry…
But I’ll never say die…»
I’ll never say die… Ohhh!
Oooh never say die — I’ll never say…
Oooh never say die — No I will never, never, never say…
Oooh never say die — Oh, I’ll never say die…
Oooh never say die…
Two generations I’ve been through
'69 was heavy, yea, but, what did it prove?
Just a bunch of hippies could become businessmen
And burn our bodies, a flag, and a couple of friends.
Now as we enter 1980
We’re modern humans in a modern time.
So all you children of the '60's
It’s no easy climb.
But don’t ever say die…
Don’t you ever say die… Oh!
Oooh never say die
Oooh never say die — Just stand there, baby!
Oooh never say die — Oh, never say, never say die…
Oooh never say die…