Перевод песни Sizzla – Make It Secure

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Yeah. well i seh just like smoke to di eyes
And vinegar to di teeth, so are the sluggards to dem dat sen dem
Some a dem affi guh lef from bout ya enuh
Dem come fi freak out all black people picney
Wi nuh join all dem izm enuh
It's jus JAH wi a praise. SELASSIE I to di fulness an di heart
Chorus: (2x)
Just mek dem secure a nuh time fi pretend
It's i an i create these problems
And if your heart is yours all these war would end
For the sake of the children
Verse 1:
Tell dem refrain from dem negative
Life is for all and yet dem fraid fi live
Some nuh really waah si di world as it is
So dem get caught wit all di tings weh dem a build
Foundation fi set we got to do it quick
Ah hope ah guy nuh vex there ain't nuh easy way about dis
Some side step, some come fi trick
Dem wrong concept a devil dem a worship
Verse 2:
Yo wit all di troubles that come
You've got to over-come
And be sure to take your place
Hey letting yuh ego get yuh dung
Having you for it's fun
I wonda what could it takes
Tom drunk, him seh him nuh si mi, oh gosh
I say I was praising JAH, he inspired mi a whole lot
Look at dem, a eyelid dem cotch
A idle a lead di children inna di rock
Verse 3: (talking)
Hear i, for righteous speak of excellent things
The opening of thy lips shall be right things
My mouth speaketh truth
Wickedness is an abomination unto i lips said the LORD thy GOD
JAH--it's just, jus a warning
SELASSIE I calling
Verse 1