Перевод песни Morgan Heritage – Questions

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
And these are the questions
That we Morgan Heritage ask all people
No matter your race or your walk of life
No matter your faith or your religion
It's very simple, they're just two questions
Rastaman ax the questions
Could you live through what the ancient Rastaman live through
(live through)
Would you hold on to your faith if you been what they been through
(Check yourself, check yourself)
Imagine being locked away in a prison cell
For eighteen months for burning your holy sacrament
And your country's leaders tell their police and soldiers
To hunt you, beat you or kill you at will
They'll ask questions later
From the hills of the East to the cities and plains
The Father's work remains one in the same, yeah
Been through the shame, persecution and blame
All because we glorify Haile Selassie I name
Into persecution and blame
So much shame...
And this is what we do To keep our vibes (you know)
To keep our heavens clean and positive
When the struggle gets hard
From that time till this time
The journey has been long and we still try
But this is the vibration that has sustained I & I The children of Rastafari
And by giving continuous Iziz to our God and King
We have received steadfast strength that shall carry us trough this I war
It's more strength and more prosperity
More blessings to life
When you truly believe in Holiness of the most High Rastafari