Перевод песни Morgan Heritage – More Teachings

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
They have been stolen and been locked away
Today it’s known as the teachings
Of His Majesty and by His Divine authority
He has blessed its prosperity
We want the youths fi get some more
More of His Majesty teachings
We want the youths fi get some more
More of King Selassie teachings
We want the youths fi get some more
More of Rastafari teachings
We want the youths fi get some more
More of the Emperor teachings
For too long the children been suffering
They’re suffering cos low spiritual conviction
And we need this strength to fight this revolution
They don’t want them to learn from the Kebra or the Fetha
Cos the power of his truth they do fear
And the light found within it is clear
These are reasons why we wow to defend their rights today
And any man try fi dispute di truth
Rastaman ago kick dem with di Gideon boot, yeah
Now Babylon, you know you doom
Chu di ghetto youths come
Rastafari school room to receive de teachings
Wey you tink los ina tomb
And now you vex chu
Rastaman lift off the bloody sheet wey you say Soak
In the blood of the saints wey you share up at your feast
The Kingdom of heaven is within you
The Kingdom of heaven is around you
This light of truth they hide from you
It ain’t bout white, it ain’t bout black
It ain’t bout dis, it ain’t bout dat
See the reality in all the things they claim is wack
Forget about all their temptation
Recognize these time seeing it’s the revealing
Of Revelation, His teachings, His speeches
We gotta live it, His love and His blessings yo
You know you can test it, living the life of Rastafari
Ancient levity, Christian, yo, Isrealite
This written truth they stole from us
And bury deep, look in the vault of the Vatican
You’ll see it, Look over deso evil fall to dem knees
Chu the Conquering Lion just trample the beast (yeah)
This why we should research the truth everyday
To find the depth of our history so we can
Reach the heights of prosperity