Перевод песни The Status – If There's Love

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Have you broken down, just given up?
Got turned around, abandoned hope
And your tired heart gave up the beat,
You drop your head in your defeat.
And all this pain, and all this fear,
Things have gotten worse this year.
Maybe I really hope that I can change things,
'Cause if there's love for everyone,
Peace on earth,
Hope for things to come,
Please come
Nothing seems to your way,
It's hard to hear it'll be okay
Choke back the tears, embrace the feel,
Of brokenness so you can heal.
We all get hurt sometimes,
Oh, we all get scared sometimes
Fear, as loud as it screams,
Don't change your heart,
Don't fall apart
Please try.
We can't be afraid,
So we're not afraid
Are you afraid, afraid,
But everything will be okay