Перевод песни Anthony B – Lock The Guns Dem

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
No to violence.
Yagidi Yo.
Bad man over East and West and North and South.
Listen ever word from Anthony B mouth.
Yagidi Yagidi Yo Yagidi Yagidi Yo So me tell you.
Lock the gun dem.
Don't tek them out.
All the guns in Mi no want no guns out.
Yo lock the guns dem.
Don't tek them out Mi no want se no marrow jump out Yagga yo.
Repeat 1: Park up the pump dem and the Uzi and the shotti.
Gun a kill people from Phillipup and Whoppy Fi murder you black brotherman yuo
no afi.
Me no in dat, bout you a go mek duppy.
Man step pan you corn tek a one sorry.
No batter rally back and tell me say you a go shot it.
Remember Sandocan and the Morgan Natty Dem a the exemple, look and prip it.
Terrorize yhe place and dem never did mek it, Check it.
Repeat 3:
Gun dem no lock People a go weep and mourn Terrible, terrible things a go gwan
down town.
how much dead bodies is like meat pound fi pound.
Imagine in a blood, man a drown.
Hey, only hope the shatta dem a listen my sound.
Mi no wan fi hear say no more dead body found.
Break borderlines and free up the compound.
Try break the peace, remember the youth dem have the view.
Only hope you realize now what the gun can do.
Mi no fi hear say no more a me people get slew.
Stop and listen to the truth.
A de same gun mek Malcom X get shoot.
Same gun Martin Luther go get schoot.
A de truth.
(Repeat verse1)