Перевод песни Ninja Man – Murder Dem

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I tell yuh if yuh come wid yuh competition come straight way
Cause yuh come sideways rudebwoy, phenomenon one, oonu listen
There’s nothin you can do that make me run away from this clash yah,
this clash yah
And there is no DJ can put the competition to Ninja, Ninja
Yes I’m tellin yuh from the start I will break yuh little heart
And leave oonu dung a ground cause I’m the real poison dart
There’s no word you can say that it could offend the Ninja, yuh tell mi
Mi gone murder dem, murder dem
Inna competition a go murder dem
Yuh tell oonu murder dem, murder dem
Inna competition mi a go murder dem
When mi gone, a who dat a follow mi?
When mi look on a ruffneck bad bwoy Josey
When mi gone, a who dat a follow mi?
Pon di right side mi look a Lieutenant Stitchie
When mi gone, a who dat a follow mi?
Who a jump out like wild animal can’t you see
A bad bwoy Tiger we a di celebrity
When mi gone, who exactly behind mi
Di yute wey ruff weh name Admiral Bailey
Tellin mi how much him ruff and him ready
When mi gone, mi come fi kill somebody
Yuh guy murder dem, murder dem
Hear mi a go tell yuh mi a go murder dem
Because mi tek off di whip, tek off di whip
Tek off di whip a wid di saddle wid it
And then mi saddle di horse, saddle di horse
Put it pon di track and then mi a go kick off
Tek di battry, tek di battry
A when inna di race mi have nuh sympathy
When mi gone, none a dem nuh follow mi
When mi gone!!! Mi a go bun dem belly
When mi gone, mi look just behind mi
Flourgon look like him need out yuh see
When mi gone, I look right side a mi
Red Dragon a pose up but him drink off yuh see
Hear Ninja Man come tell everybody
When mi gone, mi seh mi just get ready
Shabba Rankin pose up in di party
Him a mi bredrin and di two a we deh deh steady
When mi gone, mi see mi fren Bailey
Mi siddung pon di riddim and mi deh deh steady
Because dem caan off a from mi mind and we body
Dem neva know seh we ruff and we ready
Full a stamina we fit dem one burst a donkey
We give dem dung to length we give dem dung to length
Go tell di whole a dem we give dem dung to length
Mi give oonu dung to length mi give oonu dung to length
Cause if a one per long mi give oonu dung to length
Cause If I legalize yuh rights yuh get, dung to length
Because, deh siddung pon yah and a trouble like a wah
Or inna car and move like a car pon track
And giddy up and move up and then yuh still nah stop
Ninja pon him two foot mi seh mi fasta than dat
Di concord a come inna minute it drop
But a inna second Ninja move off and stop
Mi tell a, gone, none a dem nuh follow mi
When mi gone, mi hurt dem belly
When mi gone, it a different stylee
When mi gone, see mi a starve hungry
Mi tell a, wicked somethin, we tell dem terribly
And dem a seh dat a di poetry and di bible
Mi tell dem move from here if yuh waan tremble
Dem seh dat Ninja Man a one a Jah disciple
Round microphone dem seh mi too terrible
Mi tell oonu, ambition oonu listen
Dat di one fi all intelligent people…