Перевод песни Lexxus – You

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Yuh a figass, yuh a figass, yuh a figass you
Yuh a kill off, yuh a kill off, yuh a kill off you
Yuh a f*ck up, yuh a f*ck up, yuh a f*ck up you
So wah uno tink corruption a go do
Yuh a woulda, yuh a woulda, yuh a woulda you
Yuh nuh like, yuh nuh like, yuh nuh like you
Yuh a yuh a yuh a yuh a play number two
So wah uno tink corruption a go do
Corruption, yo wi nuh really like wen certain yout a function
Hear sey dat a man deh mek a jump ina dem junction
Caan believe dem boy deh stomach full of consumption
Well, if yuh really check di action
Certain boy nuh really waan di yout dem get a fraction
Right a now, dat DJ a go give dem contraction
Likke maaga bwoy a mek some boy join construction
Two likkle yout come check mi di other day
Tell dem cum check mi back cah mi deh bust stain away
Right a we bare gun talk and bare gun play
Two gal a tell bout dem waan twenty grand
Mi baby madda sey she want a new baby pram
Mi new gal a sey she want a lexxus brand
Right now, people shorty now
Keep a little party and dem could'nteven cork yuh no Dats why chukky bride nah even sky lark yuh no Tell dem likkle man fi stop move like a shark yuh no Right now, we a one
Dats some likkle man fi tek a stop and understand
Nun a we nuh beast, di whole a we a human
It nuh mek nuh sense, man a kill off everyone