Перевод песни The World Inferno/Friendship Society – Fiend In Wien

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I dreamt of faraway places
While being kicked out of bars for stealing the tips off tables
Living by my wits I was not getting far
I thought I'd do better living off my charms
Chased after sugary spoonfuls
I shot them down with bottles of rocket fuel
I got the idea there wasn't a thing I couldn't do I got the idea that I could stay ahead of the
Cupid have mercy
Right along go right along
On fools such as me Right along go right along
You never had it so good
Right along, right along
I ain't saying this to hurt your feelings
You just look at me No one's ever looked you in the face and said
«We're not like you, we're not like you
Your state is not your home and it is Hostile to you, hostile to you
We are strong and as soon as we can
We're gonna get rid of you, get rid of you
And even your friends at the art school
They're going to have to choose
«So you can dream of faraway places
While being kicked out of bars «Cause I don't like your face
«You get the idea there's not a thing you can do?
You get the idea? Do you?
I dropped out of the old school
I got kicked damn out of the new school
I got drunk with some girls from the local art school
Got chased through the streets by the likes of you