Перевод песни The Lawrence Arms – Overheated

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Three days, no happy endings
Highways, I'm hallucinating
I wish I wasn't so mathematic
I wish I hadn't overheated
Heartbeats across a crowded room
April Fool, give me a week or two
These drinks are hitting me so hard
I wish I had an angel watching over me Set up another round
It's raining
Six more drinks before I drown
Bottoms up and spirits down
Have my words lost all weight?
This is weighing on me Have I got nothing left to say?
Now I remember all the words
Through my smoky eyes, a blurred hotel room stirred
I'm waiting to hear you through the static
Three more cigarettes, a time to call off all regrets
This is every selfish song
This is all those moments bleeding
Maybe I made a huge mistake
I always thought that it would come to this
March came without a cost
April falls into the dream again
In May I'll cut myself off, at a loss for words
It doesn't mean I'm really over it And on the 13th of September, I swear I'll remember
Even if it doesn't make any sense
March 30th we'll be desperate, a happy birthday to me What a spineless overstatement