Перевод песни Sánchez – Are You Still In Love With Me

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
At a women fellowship the leader asked the members
«When was the last time you said «I love you «to your husbands?»
Some said yesterday, others said they couldn't remember.
The leader then asked them to pick up their phones from their bags and then
text «I LOVE YOU» to their husbands & exchange their phones to read the replies
from their husbands. Here are some of the replies some women Received from
their husbands.
Don't laugh alone kindly share with friends.
Lord help us!
April 15 at 10: 07pm · Public
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Archy Lian
Number 6 killed me. Men!!! When we say we love you we are mad lol
Like · 2 · Reply · Report · Apr 15
Motika Chong
Typical African men even making love their wife is done in total darkness,
switched off light, covered fully in s blaket and eyes closed
Like · Reply · Report · May 30
Ray George George
Hahaha. Ata yangu najua ingekuwa «you fool stop fooling me, it's not fools day»
Like · 2 · Reply · Report · Apr 15
Simon Sitienei
Love is always at the first after that it start fading... Nowadays pple are not
serious in relationships
Like · Reply · Report · Apr 15
Patricia Amusala
0n which side are u with my mukwasi?
Like · Reply · Report · Apr 16
Dan Osborn
ooh! lady no 4 started my mrng
Like · Reply · Report · May 9
Makena Rimbere
Hehehe no 4 and 13 ««««tihi very true kanze
Like · Reply · Report · May 26
Mbugua Wilson
Hehe kanze u made my day
Like · 1 · Reply · Report · Apr 15
Everlyne Mutoko
18.stupid wman wht did u do ths tme.
Like · Reply · Report · Jun 3
Salama Kai
Hehehee... Dis is very True...
Like · Reply · Report · Apr 21
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