Перевод песни Beres Hammond – Love Means Never To Say I'm Sorry

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Never say you’re sorry, no no no, hey
It was just the other day, told me u were sorry
It was not so long ago, talked about the same thing
Darling why? Please tell me why?
Do lovers behave in such a way, yes
Didn’t you know that love means
Never to say that your sorry
How could you hurt the one you love
Just like you dont care, no no in such a way
Just the other night, u told me that u love me
Wisper in my ear, sweet words i long to hear
When u touch my spine, baby oh, it was heaven divine
Its hard to tell myself that you love another man
Touch me one more time, wisper in my ears
Your sweet lies, this will keep me going
Even for a moment, till you understand that its not right