Перевод песни The Shadows – Time Drags By

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sittin' in the sun like an ol' Tom Cat,
That don’t know just the way he’s at
And I must admit to you, right now I feel that way too.
(Ain't got no way)
Ain’t got no way to go,
Nobody (wants) wants to know
And time drags by real slow.
Sittin' on a log, watch the world go by,
Fat told Frog, thinkin' «My, oh My!»
Funny thing the human race,
Rush here, rush there, get no place.
We’ve come a long way, looks like the wrong way,
Now we’re broke!
Even a day is too long a stay,
That’s no joke!
What a day it’s been and it’s gettin' worse,
There must be a way to reverse,
Situations such as these,
If there is, then, tell us please!
Time drags by real slow
(Don't you just know that) Time drags by real slow
(Slow, slow)