Перевод песни Mike Jones – Boi! [Young Problemz & Mike Jones]

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Boi I got so many ways
Ways to get paid
Wake up every day
Money to be made
Hoes know my name
Niggas know my face
When I pass by
All the hoes wave (Hey!)
They feelin my dougie
Fresh like dougie
But not dougie fresh
Dougie D
I'm thuggin'
And you boys are (?)
Gotta stay on me
It's the chico!
Your problem's gang homie
Catch me at the club
Hoes show me love
Niggas dap me hugs
Haters mean mug
But I ain't even trippin
A nigga steady pimpin
I don't need your girl, bro
I got so many... boi
Hey DJ play that girls song
Put that song on
If your money ain't long
Boi you better go on
Hey boy I got so many ways
Ways to get paid
Twenty four hours
Money to be made
I started off with nothing
Now I'm platinum black mase
Back then ?? women
Now they all up in my thang
I fall up in the club
Twenty fours a nub
Yeah my belly big but girls still rub
They tryin to take me home
Wanna to be my cuddy buddy
So I gotta «day and night» like Kid Cudi
I swear she wanna love me
She wanna thug me
I can take your girl away from you
Boi trust me
But I ain't even trippin
I said I ain't trippin
Too much money on my mind to worry 'bout women
But you can catch me flossin crawlin on them inches
Fall up in the club
Chick magnet all the women
Who are you?
Mike Jones! Who?
Mike Jones! Who?
Mike Jones! Who?
Mike Jones!
This the ??
I got so many
Y'all got dimes but I got twenties
When I hit the club all the girls say yeah uh
Do it one time for the mo eh eh he he
Just a fool
Look how I'm stuntin
Hit the club with a fine sugar brown honey
I got so many honeys
I got so many guns
I got so many hundreds
You got so many ones
I walk up in the club
Tell a ho give me some
And just because I'm ???
Give me numbers
Jump up in the whip
The wheels got so many inches
I got so many hoes
Cuz they know that I'm the business
Cuz motherfucker motherfucker I'm real
Hey DJ play that girl's song
If your money ain't long
Then boy you better go on
I say I got so many problems, a bitch ain't one
So many revolvers so don't play dup
I got so many (pairs mamma you could pull one)?
Its JM if you think I'm broke — You're DUMB
That means that you're a dummie so don't say a thing
I got so many hommies
Young problems ??
Boi I got so many hate
Cuz I'm doin great
Pocket full of cake
Cop a dos plate?
Man hold up wait
It's the boy Jay
Diamonds in my face
You're boy's diamonds fake
Whats the damn dealie
You boys are silly
Weezy won a milli
Your problems won a billi