Перевод песни Lucky Peterson – Don't Try To Explain

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Try to explain.
My hearts already broken,
And I’m feelin' the pain
Promises that you couldn’t keep.
Though it’s easy to see,
Your tired of me.
Try to explain.
I could see the truth,
Is all over your face.
Someone has come between us
And im still lovin' you,
I know what i must do.
May take some time,
To heal my holy heart.
When im hurt,
Down hearted,
And im feelin' misused.
But i got my whole life ahead
And heres where i start.
Oooohhhh yeaaa…
(Guitar solo)
May take some time,
To heal my holy heart.
Well I’m hurt,
Down hearted,
And feelin' misused.
But i got my whole life ahead,
And heres where i start.
You don’t have to explain.
Cause you’re all out in the open,
But I’ll take the blame.
For loving you way too much
And foolishly hopin'
And all the time knowing.
You don’t,
You, you don’t have to explain.
Don’t you worry about it
Cause I’ll be okay.
Cause pain ain’t nothin' new
And it sure ain’t the first time,
And it’s probably not the last…
Thats the way it go some time…