Перевод песни Roll Deep – Remember The Days

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Back in the day when I was a teenager
Me Jet and Joe used to play with danger
I remember when Danny Mo'cate was a stranger
Boys in bittiez (?) used to shot with a pager
Gods gift was Pepsi and milk, weren't major
I was on front line before I used the big razor
I was a raver, cocky little fader
Now I feel blue like sonic on sega (?)
I got fun feelings good and bad memories
Times moved on but I got the same enemies
Going all out 'til a snitch had to tell on me That was in the past, now I spit like venom-y
Change what you like but the bad name stays
Life's too short to be set in your ways
Whatever happened to the good old days?
Those carefree days, I remember the days
I remember when we were young
Your ass kept in touch you know, you know
Reminiscing back in time, my life was on the line
I've grown, I've grown
I remember the days I used to be on the street
And no. we can't still survive on the street
You wanted to know, so I'm telling you that
Life on the street can be an eye-opener
Im watching doors open up Before none of this seemed possible
Everything was impossible didn't stop
I was flexible with the hours
And now I'm flexible with the powers
Im strong minded, some are empty minded
Troops get divided they started off as friends
And then they collided
I started off at home but now we're separated
You see the loving that we both appreciated it Before I remember when I couldn't leave this chick
I used to cheat and thing, make hesky (?) beat and ting
Go home and have a argument creating heat n ting
And then I'm off again
I'm tryn'a leave the past behind me I wanna live in a place where nobody can find
Me I remember them days when I was coming up Little kid on the rise with the highness in the eyes
No surprise that us kids were searching for something more
The different music that we be sellin' in every store
Back then the days were different
The blocks were dark and evil
My line eject (?) the sequel
But that's the UK version
Hunger was needed to survive on these streets
You had to stay above the water to be one of the elite
School told me to hustle
And hustle that was the code
The education and stuff had to be put on hold
You could find me in the smokers corner, flippin' some coins
Or find me in the cafeteria getting double sirloins
I was a little balla balla, should've gone all the way
Wasn't dedicated, loose cannon, kind of led me astray
In my first move from a little Mini Coupé
No lay lay (?) when I was coming up Yeah back in the day