Перевод песни The Blood Brothers – Meet Me at the Water Front After the Social

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A carnie sold me two roses
One that lisped one that hissed sugar foam
And love song needles
I slipped them through your fingers
But they just crawled up both your arms and whispered
And that phosphorescent laugh
Drip dropped from your lips
They said «oh teen ruby fiend, open those thighs
Show me the urchin inside!»
Your gown gangrened down your hips (At the waterfront after the social)
Reached out towards the oyster ships (At the waterfront after the social)
I pulled you closer for a kiss (At the waterfront after the social)
But the roses paved my lips
And made my mouth a grave filled with promises...
«I'll forget you when I'm famous baby...
I'll forget you five minutes from now...»
Do you recall in our youth?
We sought the sky's amphetamine truth
Do you remember when we were young?
We licked the summer's salty tongue