Перевод песни Avant – Hooked

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You got me open like a liquor store
love so strong that I don’t want no more
I can’t describe the way you got me shook
Your like a drug girl, you got me hooked
You’re the queen i see in my dreams
I wanna taste some of your ice cream
I can’t describe the way you got me shook
You’re like a dru girl, you got me hooked
My boys say im trippin, but im like so
cause you got me open and i don’t care who knows
when it comes to you, baby anything goes
You’re just like that drug that they smoke
You got me twisted and al tied up
from your conversations and gentle touch
ever you want never too much
bay sit back and let me take a puff
You got me hooked hooked hooked
girl you know you got me hooked hooked hoked
You got me hooked hooked hooked
can somebody help me
I don’t even smoke, but thats quite alright
cause when you’re with me its a natual high
just like Marvin Gaye touching his key board
When you touch me, it make me say OH LORD
Girl you got every little bit of my soul
Makin it hard fo me to gain control
Even wheni trty to tell myself no
Theres a little voice sayin one more
Im on the streets (im on these streets)
Look for something
Lookin for you (lookin for you)
Yeah, come rescue me yeah, baby, baby
You got me hooked hooked hooked
Girl you really got me hooked hooked hooked
You got me hooked hooked hooked
Im like whats gottin over me
Yo, yo, yo check uh, i like think about you all day in da
I’ve been wantin you in a strong way in da
and can’t nobody do my body like you do me
The kind of lovin that make a thug say ooh wee
an old sayin is when its raining i pours
and i never in my lifefelt this way before
baby girl you’re the only oe that i adore
Your uh, runnin the game and let me settle the score
What is this you put on me
I’m so blind and i cannot see
I can’t eat i feel so weak
i don’t mean it, its all over yeah
Your love addiction, i cannot keep
Baby i’m fiennin for another hit
One more time girl, i swear thats it
This love, this love
Oh yeah hooked hooked hooked
oh yeah hooked hooked hooked
oh yeah hooked hooked hooked
oh yeah hooked hooked hooked
I don’t care what people say i want you more and every way
It’s like a strange primenision, but you got me on a mission
I been searchin high and low