Перевод песни Avant – Flickin'

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In the club the crissy bottles are popping
And at the telli you know the panties are dropping
This track I’m flowing on is jumping
And just like Snoop and Dre we always into something
Yo playa yes I’m from Cleveland, where every night you know you hear the
pistols squeezing
And when it’s time to lay my mack down, 1st class pimp hat I stop in Chi-town!
We just Flickin, every day of my life that’s how we livin'
From N.Y. to Calli chrome spinning
In escalades and Caddies ice drippin
But we ain’t Hollywood!
(2 Times)
To all my ladies wit they top down
And the Bentley’s is sitting low to the ground
I had to tell that gurl to exhale, why’s that?
Cause she seen me rollin' on Sprewells
And her booty was packed just like a lunch pale
But my game was tighter than a pair of Chanel’s
She said you remind me of L.L., then Kelly, then Nelly
I’m like yo' that’s cool B, but you can call me AV
(2 times)
Yo' you can catch me on the back street
In the hood wit the girl off in the back seat
She said she’s from Puerto Rico, i said yo' I need to stop and get some petro
She said, OK stop at the gas station
She’s in the passenger seat just waiting patient
She put her foot up on my dash, I’m like what?
Gurl get them down and for that go pump my gas!
(2 times)
Bump Jay, I come thru
Chopping like I know kung fu
TV’s make you feel like your sittin'
In yo front room, bang in the trunk too
Everybody hood know we got it good
We ain’t Hollywood
We just flickin, so wipe a playa down, we pimpin
Everyday it’s another bust down it’s sickin'
I will up the chrome and flame, and for my nigga
AV and Stone Entertainment, head up, we flickin!
(Repeat chorus until the end starts to fade and end all the way out)