Перевод песни Sage Francis – Conspiracy To Riot (a cappella)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
They wanna corrupt me, they tryin' corrupt me
This ain't no Swan Song, this is for the ugly ducklings of my country
(you are not alone here)
(psst psst, conspiracy to riot)
Peep the game, dummy
You can't keep the reign from me
It's us who put in the overtime, they who make the money
Snickering at trickle down economy
We got nickled and dimed It's more like highway robbery
Drive in the fast lane, eyes on the gas gauge
Listen to neo cons cry about black rage
It doesn't stop there
They're the blowhards, they puff out their chest they're full of hot air
Providing entertainment for the status quo
Then once every 4 years they pander to the black vote
Oh, religion ain't a tool of control?
Why they pull the God card once they're losing in the polls
Foolish, I know, we're victims of circumstance
It ain't coincidence we're children of the worker ants
And those in power ain't never owned a pair of dirty pants
But they're quick to kill your health insurance plans
The rich cheat death with their cheap survival
They found more than one way to beat the Bible
Street disciple, my beats are trifle mega
Don't repeat the cycle, just live your life better
I'mma defeat my rival, that's why I'm writing this letter
To let em know that we ain't givin' up the fight ever
(psst psst, conspiracy to riot)
Oh yeah, I've got a weapon of mass destruction
Parked in the back, it's a vessel of gas consumption
Rebels of rap production never adapted to nothing
Imagine my laugh whenever you ask me for something
Like I ain't gave my all
You came fashionably late to the headbanger's ball
After the mob scene lost steam
And after we spilled pig's blood on the prom queen
I've been told with old age comes wisdom (comes wisdom)
But I've found with old age comes old age we're stuck in our old ways
Like everything was done much better
In some forgotten era, thumb sucking America
I can't begin to name, the ways I'd pin the blame
On an administration acting inhumane
If it's killing season let's start within
When the hunter becomes the hunted they outlaw hunting (ain't that something)
Confiscate the ammunition
Cuz there's a wolf in sheep's skin a pitbull with lipstick
A pig in a blanket, some lame duck president
Privatizing profit and socializing debt
Collapsed credit, journalists get arrested
Watch the Blackwater operatives go domestic
Oh, that's a problem? Well don't agonize
Smoke 'em if you got 'em, a whole pack of lies
Summer spring and autumn, now bring the wintertime
I don't protest with snow, I shovel it with picket signs
(psst psst conspiracy to riot)
We have the right to assembly and it's the duty of the patriot
To protect his country from the government
But when we try it, but when we try it but when we try it (conspiracy to riot)
Peace rally with my friends (conspiracy to riot)
When we have no defense (conspiracy to riot)
Rubber bullets to the heads (conspiracy to riot x3)
When we find voter fraud (conspiracy to riot)
When we defy overlords (conspiracy to riot)
When we finally pull the cord (conspiracy to riot x3)
Til the truth is revealed (conspiracy to riot)
We ain't choosing to kneel (conspiracy to riot)
Let me be the human shield (conspiracy to riot)