Перевод песни Settle – Rite Of Passage

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They're calling you a hero now
What did you do to please the crowd?
What did you do to deserve the honor?
Can they hear you below the ground?
All your friends were there
They screamed, «Wake up, wake up!»
They shook your body
But you refused to get up, get up I don't want it anymore
I don't want it anymore
Another lesson learned in growing up You were already gone before they started showing up All the kids grab your faces now
And you still say, «the dead kids are the coolest»
It's just one more way she made her name
She won't run for distance anymore
She left her last impression on the dashboard
It's his claim to fame
It's what the people say
When they talk about the football star
Is it a lesson learned or his throwing arm?
What does it mean to leave so soon?
Can we learn anything from you?
Build a monument to stupid mistakes
We've got to see every crack in your bleeding face
I don't want it anymore
I don't want it anymore