Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Hectic

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Waking up in the morning
Sweat, you bet feel regret
Clock is set but I still got hours left
Now it’s five o’clock, I’m taking panic breaths
Paranoid thought fiending for a hit of the meth
Setting for caffeine
Had another nightmare, had another bad dream
I roll though the scene
Not rolling in greens
Yet I feel eyes sitting in my back; envy
People out to get me whether it be in the industy or in the big city
It’s like wherever I go, people acting as if they know me but they don’t
So is it me or is they thinking I’m wack
Is it me that they see or is it my act
Is it G’s that I need to go and stack
Is it pleasing and smiling to react
To the teasing they do with a new contract
All I see is fake smiling men in black
Acting like they my friends like dudes in an act
Matter of fact; I’m about to crack
Break glass, quick fast
This lack of cash got me making these rash decisions
Looking passed my mission
Paranoid thought blurring my vision
As I’m sitting in front of the television I won’t fail to bite a nail
As I’m waiting to exhale
Like when my landlord tries to call me
I throw away the phone and reject the call
See, probably one time too many
That I had to pay my rent but I didn’t have any
Pesos or cashflow I lace flows on the daily, but it don’t pay a penny
Paranoid thought be consuming me
Leaving no room to see myself as anything other than a doomed mc
So maybe i’m a doomed mv
Or maybe…
Snakes in the grass, they on my a**
Don’t know who they are cause they’re moving fast
So many cats that be on my d***
It makes me sick
Thik they can take my cash quick
Paranoid as f***
They be looking at Pete Phily like they starstruck
Don’t they know me, wanna know me
Wanna throw me a pound like they my homie
Nah, they ain’t getting nada
Talkin don dada yadayada, wearing they pradas
Nah, I’ll keep my distance
It’s the business
It’s this crazy existence how weird it feels; the chills through my spine
I just need to unwind
Yo, some say I’m manic depressice (panic)
All I can say is they been stalking me ever since I was an adolescent
Now between you and me
All that I can see is all these eyes folowing me
Now they’re coming for me
Now they’re gunning for me
Now I’m one running mc!