Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Clap Kick Flow

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Hi-hat, hi-hat, hi-hat, hi-hat
Kick, kick, kick, clap, kick, clap
Kick, clap, shaker, shaker
I used to live on Broke Avenue
Now I’m moving towards middle class
Pussy galore now
Used to catch little ass
They always told me:
«Yo this rap thing, it’ll pass.»
Now it brings me cash
And people want my autograph
I know I ought to laugh
But yo I take it serious
I mean years from now
I still want people to be hearing this
In it for the fame?
Huh, you delirious?
Look at this wack industry
And how queer it is
MC’s acting like girls
Talking 'bout jewelry
Fashion-statements, with no Tom foolery
Is this industry fooling me
Or schooling me that I need to be
Something I don’t really need to be?
See I’m like LL Cool J in the eighties
Respect from the hiphop fans
And love from the ladies
It’s probably
Because I treat songs like babies
I birth them, then nurse them
Through every new verse mand, man
And that’s how it goes
Everytime I hear a rhythm
I just start to flow