Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mystery Repeats

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mystery repeats,
life got tricks but it treats to.
love my ancestry, yes i see you.
y'all live through me as i live through you.
continue this beautiful cycle.
history always tries to enlight you.
about how much has been decided for you?
you dont know so just go as far as you can go, but go slow.
know this, i've noticed what it is about growth.
its separating real from the fake and bogus.
sitting at the dock of the bay like otis as we slide through this thing
called life.
everything's gonna be all right when you stay true to the path thats
mystery repeats
what if, i never went and smoked that first spliff?
what if, i never gave Sen that first kiss?
what if, i never went and heard Perq's first demo?
gave him a call to crib (hello?)
would i still be known as the fellow, rolling with the dude with a cello?
what if, these questions arise as i look in my eyes and i see my own
wondering what, path lies before me.
probably the same as the ones before me.
and i'll pass it right down to my seed, a mystery indeed.
i'll tell them how proud i be, go ahead make history.
mystery repeats.
as the newborn starts to breathe, as the widow starts to grieve, it seems
that mystery repeats, itself all over. as the newborn starts to breathe,
as the widow starts to grieve. its seems thats mystery repeats itself all
mystery repeats.